August 2018 Sam & Pete, Titchfield Barn

Sam and Pete came to us relatively late in their planning as, with a few months to go until their big day, work commitments took Sam abroad until a few days before their wedding. We helped our Groom with the final planning stages, providing advice and recommendations. We love the way both sides of this couple got in their personalities with lots of bespoke detail. We managed the day and provided service staff to ensure everything ran as smoothly as possible.

We can’t thank you enough for Saturday, it was such a magical day! You are an absolute star and I seriously can’t thank you enough! 

Aug 2018 Rebecca & Jae, Tournabury Woods Estate

This couple we recommended to us by their caterer who we had worked closely with on more occasions than we can count. Living a distance from their venue and the access logistics meant having extra support to set up and run the day was on Rebecca’s wish list. The back to nature theme looked stunning with at least a million hand grown pot plants, animal theme napkins and a real life farm! A Bride and Groom walking llama’s….why not! 

You were so, so brilliant on our big day. I don’t know what I would’ve done without you! You were worth your weight in gold... and some! We had the best day and really appreciated your support. The set up was wonderful with you and your lovely Mum, actually heavenly hours, I loved setting it up so much! There were all the bits you did through the day; fetching things for us, keeping us to time, bringing water etc, it was all so great of you and we really appreciated it all. I wish you every success, it is thoroughly well deserved. All the best and thank you again (I can’t say it enough!) 

July 2018 Clare & Dave, Fawley Hill Wedding Venue

A train station, follies galore and a zoo; all combined to make a wedding venue? When we heard about this couples choice of venue we jumped at the chance; unique, quirky and perfectly fitting for this wonderful couple. We provided our Final Furlong package which gave extra support during the few weeks before the big day and then our all day management package. The site was large with logistical hurdles and all the seasons in one day but with a team of excellent suppliers it all came together to make amazing memories!

Thank you so much for everything you did towards our big day! It all came together seamlessly and was perfect. We’re glad you enjoyed it and appreciated your calming, methodical and friendly approach.

July 2018 Trish & Kevin, Kingsettle Stud, Andover

Trish and Kevin  were one of the first couples to hold their weddings at this stunning venue; a restored stud with beautiful secret garden. Lots of candles and foliage were used to set off the beautiful surroundings. Our favourite part was the photograph colour bombs! We were booked to manage the  day and bring together numerous suppliers to ensure the day ran smoothly. 

Only just got home but just wanted to say thank you so much to you and your Mum. Yesterday was the best and I had so much fun!!!! Thank you for sorting everything out xx

June 2018 Beki & Mark, Private Farm nr Stratford

To be part of Beki and Marks wedding was a dream!  We met Beki a number of years ago and she soon became one of my favourite wedding photographers. We managed the day and ran the bar. A true DIY wedding where the couple transformed a working farm into something magical to ensure their friends and family ate, drank and were merry!

June 2018 Rachel & Kevin, Tournabury Woods

Planning an outdoor wedding is always a risk but for this couple it absolutely worked! The day started with a gorgeous ceremony by the sea followed by a casual afternoon meal then dancing through the night. We loved the fact it was a chilled out affair which suited the venue perfectly. We managed the day and provided drinks service staff.

Thank you so much for your help yesterday. The day would not have run so well without you and your lovely teams help. x

June 2018 Gemma & Nathan, Titchfield Barn

When we bumped into Gemma while setting up another wedding we realised we knew each other from around 15 years ago so we were delighted to be booked to manage their day. We advised during the lead up so it was great to work with suppliers we recommended. 

Thank you for looking after ourselves and our guests so well on Saturday. The wedding was wonderful and the whole day was full of love. Your hard work (and your mother’s) was really appreciated and helped make the day special for all of us.  Brides Mum 

Thank you for all your help with the prep and the hard work on Saturday. Judging by the amount of hangovers floating around on Sunday we definitely smashed it! xxx

June 2018, Hannah & Joe, Northney Village Hall

Becoming involved in Hannah and Joe's wedding early on in the planning meant we got to recommend lots of our favourite suppliers to pull the day together alongside the hard work of the couple, family and friends. Hannah had a vision of her day and it was a beautiful vision that came to life; coppers, peaches and creams set the tone for a hall filled with flowers and metres of handmade macramé. We managed the day and provided a team of service staff.

Thank you and your team for all your hard work yesterday. It was the perfect day and we are all so happy. Brides Mum

June 2018 Holly & Liam, Parley Manor

We were lucky enough to undertake the set up and break down for Holly and Liam at their wedding. What a wedding it was! Holly picked Alice In Wonderland as her inspiration and had subtle nods to the theme running through from her dress (the dress!!!) to the decor. We loved the references to the theme running through the day such as the white rabbit at the top of the aisle and the Drink Me gin favours! Once again it was a joint effort from us and some amazing suppliers new and old.

I couldn’t have picked a better team alongside Penny Lane flowers to make my vision of an Alice in Wonderland theme come to life! It was truly magical…thank you so much!  

May 2018 Hannah & Sam, Titchfield Barn

This gorgeous couple planned a day true to them and it was a delight to manage. We came on board at relatively late notice when Hannah and Sam realised they wanted someone to support in running their day. They worked so hard to add lots of DIY touches to The Great Barn, Titchfield, Hampshire and it looked beautiful.  It was a chilled out day with a hot buffet, drink service provided by ourselves and dancing til late!

May 2018, Jo & Max, Tithe Barn, Petersfield

Jo and Max were super special to us having met them back in 2015 at Candice and Owens big day. We were so excited it was their turn! These two totally rocked the getting married thing on Friday; what a day full of love! Joanne and Max chose a classic colour palette of pinks and greys and the décor focused on amazing blooms. Delicious tucked into and guests were entertained bylive music throughout the day. We got to suggest some fab suppliers as there is nothing better than working with people we know and love.

We received a huge bouquet of thank you flowers.

The day couldn’t have been more perfect. Thank you for everything xx

April 2018 Kat & Dave, Tithe Barn, Petersfield

This couple came to us just over a month before their wedding when they realised that their epic day needed someone to manage it and we are glad they picked us! A huge guest list, lots of suppliers and tons of entertainment made it one of our biggest weddings to date and it was a delight to help Dave and Kat pull off their dream. 

Dave and Kat gave us a selection of Gins as a thank you.

We just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you to yourself (and Sandra and Jodie) - for giving us genuinely one of the best days ever (we used to think this was such an overstatement - but it really was!).  We had so much fun, from start to finish.  And it was down to you that we were able to enjoy it so much, and not have to worry about everything.  (I can’t now imagine how we ever thought we’d be able to do it without you…?!!)  Even from the very first time we virtually ‘met’ you, you helped to put us at ease, giving us top-tips and invaluable advice. Thanks for all the time you gave us - and for the level of detail that you considered everything in! 

March 2018 Ellie & Adam, Southwick Village Hall

Ellie and Adam came to us as personal circumstances meant they could not spend as much time as they would have liked on the planning of their day. We worked with them during the lead up to provide advice, supplier suggestions and help pull together their special day. We assisted in the set up the day before then managed the day itself along with a team of staff. We love the fact that Ellie and Adams personality shone through with lots of DIY touches and a scientific theme! 

Thank you so much for all of your help Nicola!! It was a fab day and we were so grateful for all your help and suggestions of amazing suppliers along the way Lots of love A and E xxx

Thank you Nicola for everything, you are amazing !! From the earliest planning stages to the day itself your advice, support, hard work and friendship has been invaluable! We simply couldn’t have done it without you - every wedding needs a Nicola ! Xxx (Brides Mother)

Dec 2017 Beth & Adam, Titchfield Barn

We worked with this amazing couple for over 18 months to help with the lead up their big day! We love the style of the day, the colour scheme and the little touches that made it wow! Oh my,  what a glorious wedding it was! They absolutely nailed winter wedding chic!! Simply stunning! A wonderful day with awesome suppliers and fantastic friends and family. We provided service staff and managed the day from start  finish.

Beth and Adam gave us a beautiful bouquet to say thank you.
Thank you so much for everything last week, we genuinely had the best day ever.

Oct 2017 Chuck & Lucy, Titchfield Barn

This wedding wasn't wholly a BTSE wedding but when we were asked to be custodian for the day at one of our regular venues it was only natural that we provided our usual all day management service. It was a privilege to be part of. 

Oct 2017 Natalie & Digby, Haddenham Village Hall

Natalie and Digby were introduced to us by one of our favourite photographers who is the cousin  of the Bride! Having had experience of managing events themselves they knew they needed help with someone to oversee the day. We were delighted to go on a road trip and be part of this beer festival theme wedding. We loved the look of the day and the true village hall theme!

Natalie and Digby gave us a gorgeous craft gin as a thank you gift.

 I was calling to say a belated but massive thank you for doing such a brilliant job at Nat's wedding.  As always you went above and beyond and I would recommend you to everyone. Thanks again. Sending you much love. Beki Xxxx (Bridesmaid)

Sept 2017 Maria & Mick, Titchfield Barn

We worked with this couple for over a year to help in pulling their wedding together. We supported with creative and logistical advice and helped with the planning along the way. The day featured everything the couple had wanted including a horse and carriage and a chimney sweep with a real cat! We managed the day and provided staff for food service.

We received a Boots voucher as a thank you

Sept 2017 Rachel & Tim, The Old Vicarage

Rachel and Tim came to us for support with the set up and break down of their big day. They ha lots of ideas about the look of their day but just needed help pulling it together on the morning of their wedding. We loved their eclectic style and the way their personality shone through in every element.

Sept 2017 Angela & Rob, Titchfield Barn

What a delight to work with this wonderful couple and play a part in their big day. Angela and Rob had a very DIY event so asked us to help provided supplier suggestions and logistical advice and then our on the day management service along with providing service staff. Their coral and navy theme looked fantastic against the rustic barn with stunning flowers that totally complimented the look of the day. 

We received a floral candle and luxury chocolates as a thank you!
Thanks so much for yesterday. It was such a perfect day. It was truly a wonderful day and wouldn’t have gone so swimmingly without you! 

If you are having a DIY wedding you must book Nicola and her team! My husband and I were over the moon with the service, from the very first meeting through to the wedding day itself. We had plenty of support from Nicola in the lead up to the wedding and her hard work on the day itself to ensure everything ran smoothly. It was perfect and we can’t thank her enough!

Sept 2017 Zowie & James, Titchfield Barn

We worked with this fab pair for around 18 months before their wedding so enjoyed the whole lead up with them. What a great day it was! The Brides love of all things vintage and afternoon tea combined with the Grooms Scottish roots worked perfectly and they even snuck in a nod to their little cat! The couple worked so hard to pull off the vision of their big day and we were proud to be managing it for them.

We received a beautiful Jo Malone candle as a thank you!!

We've just left the barn, we will do proper thank yous when everything sinks in and calms down but I wanted to say thank you so so so much for everything I have had nothing but compliments about how smooth everything went because of you. I hope you managed to enjoy part of the day and it wasn't too stressful for you. Thank you again we are forever grateful xxxx

Aug 2017 Anna & Will, Dammerham Village Hall

Anna and Will booked us after finding us on Facebook and realising they needed a bit of extra help on the day of their wedding. We undertook the set up on the morning then worked with a great team of suppliers to manage the day. We loved the true village hall style wedding with lots of DIY touches, bold colours and tons of flowers! Our favourite part of the day has to be that the couples dog stayed to enjoy the festivities!

Nicola and her Mum are amazing! If you are looking to do a DIY wedding, like I did, you really will need Behind The Scenes to help you. Nicola enabled the whole day to run smoothly and was always just in the background doing things or ready to help where she could with anything and everything. It was very reassuring just seeing her there. Nicolas advice leading up to the wedding was invaluable and wise. The finished set up the hall looked perfect, far better than I could ever have dreamed and this was all down to Nicola. It was also the little things, like her Mum writing out all my name place settings for me the week before and making sure we thought about the small things you wouldn’t have even thought of. Nicola also did a take down so the morning after we literally just had to load the cars up. This was a great help when you are feeling tired and hungover. All I can say is thank you so so SO much to you and your Mum! You were truly amazing and made my day perfect xxx

Aug 2017 Emma & Chris, Tournabury Woods Estate

We met this lovely couple a year before their wedding when they were looking round another venue and we were delighted when they got in touch to book our all day management package. We advised during the planning stage and loved that they chose some of our favourite suppliers. We provided staff to undertake the drinks service for the day time. This fun filled wedding featured an elegant palette of pinks and greys with a bird motif carried through various elements.

We were given a very large bottle of prosecco as a thank you!

Thank you so much for yesterday, it went just perfectly! 

Aug 2017 Sophie & Sam, Taplins Place

Sophie and Sam booked us around six months before their wedding on recommendation from one of our previous couples. They needed support in setting up their venue in the morning and the management of the day. On the morning of the wedding we did all the decoration and prepared the floral centre pieces while greeting suppliers and ensuring all plans were in place. Bright sunshine filled the garden, until, just seconds before the outside ceremony, the heavens opened! Quick thinking and some team work from suppliers and the bridal party ensured the ceremony went ahead and was a beautiful moment in time!

We received a Debenhams voucher as a thank you. 

Thank you so much for doing everything you did ( I don't know how you do it) to make the wedding so successful. I hope you had a rest on Sunday! Everyone was so happy on the day despite the deluge. We will certainly recommend you. 

Mother of the Bride

We are going to do proper thank you's when we get back but I just wanted to say thank you soooooo much Nicola, knowing you were there yesterday made me feel a million times better about everything and we really really could not have done it without you and your mum! Everyone I've spoken to today has said such nice things about you. xxx

July 2017 Marie & Chris, Hamble Aerostructures

We loved the bright, summer colours chosen for this wedding with lots of flowers and sweet treats! Guests tucked into a fantastic BBQ then ice cream then danced the night away! We helped with the planning during the lead up, assisted on the set up the day before and then managed the day itself. 

Thank you for everything Nicola, we had an amazing day xx

July 2017 Kate & Mark, Old Barn Farm, Liphook

Kate and Mark are especially special as they are fellow wedding suppliers. We were overjoyed to be chosen to manage their wedding day! This was a true wedfest with the largest amount of suppliers we have ever dealt with! The Bride and Groom has put in so much attention to detail and so many DIY touches. What a day it was! There was an endless supply of food and drink with music galore; the two even combined with an undercover singing chef! We cannot tell you the feeling of such an amazing day pulling off; its one that we will be talking about for a long time!

Everybody needs a Nicola at their wedding! I cannot put into words how amazing the Behind the Scenes team is. They are true wedding HEROS. We designed and planned our whole wedding from start to finish, but needed someone we trusted to finish off the set up, manage the whole day and just before so we didn't have to stress on the day itself. This is where Nicola and her Mum came in. We knew on the first meeting Nicola totally got us and our plan – you see we are in the wedding industry and we like everything to run like clockwork and were just a little bit OCD about our wedding! Isn’t everyone!? Nicola managed the whole day & evening for us exactly as we imagined and the day ran faultlessly and that is down to these ladies! I really can’t thank them enough for being our wedding fairy and totally nailing it for us. They both put in such long hours and for that we will be forever grateful. Massive high five to both of you xx

Kate and Marks wedding featured in the January 2018 edition of Your Hampshire and Dorset Magazine after they won their round of Wedding of the Year. It also featured on The Outside Bride Blog.

July 2017 Victoria & Neil, Itchen Abbas Village Hall

We were excited when we heard where this lovely couple were holding their wedding reception as it was a venue Nicola had worked in 11 years prior in one of her first event management jobs! Crisp whites, ivories and greens were the theme for the day and the simple scheme was set off by the space in the hall. We supplied waiting and bar staff to serve drinks and assist the caterers. It was a team of supplier that had never worked together but we were certainly a team by the end of the day!

We want to say a massive THANK YOU for all the help and support you gave us in the run up to, during and after our wedding. It was the most perfect day and you did a fantastic job – we couldn’t have done it without you! Also, all the helpers you had on the day were superb (especially your Mum!) and I hope they enjoyed themselves and got to eat some pizza.  Weren’t we lucky with the weather too! Someone was smiling down on us J I just wish we could go back and do it all over again!

June 2017 Jodie & Simon, Old Thorns, Liphook

Jodie was recommended to contact up by a previous Bride and we are so glad she did. We helped with lots of supplier suggestions and creative advice along their journey and what a stunner it turned out to be. Pastel colours and a vintage feel were the order of the day. We undertook the set up in the morning and then went back to collect their goodies the next day.

We got to take home lots of flowers!

Thank you for the absolutely stunning job you did yesterday – it was perfect! I can see why you love your job!

June 2017, Lisa & Alex, Titchfield Barn

We worked with this couple for nearly 18 months leading up to their big day and gave lots of logistical, creative and supplier advice. The day itself featured a nautical theme with rustic touches and lots of flowers. The couple and their family worked hard to put in lots of DIY touches. Guests tucked into hog roast then pizza while we ran the drinks element throughout the day. We provided staff to help with food and drinks service.

Thank you for all your help! Couldn’t have done it without you! xx

May 2017, Aime & Tom, Titchfield Barn

Aime and Tom came to us just a few months before their wedding as although they had planned their whole wedding they needed support to pull off their plans on the day itself. We adore the focus on crisp colours and lots of foliage which totally set off the grandure of the venue. We undertook the food and drinks service to ensure the guests tucked in to the ploughman's and prosecco!

Nicola, thank you so much for everything! You must have worked so hard to clear away. It was a god send when we got there yesterday. We had the best day and it went smoothly thanks to you! Xx

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to you & your team for making the wedding day run so smoothly. I can honestly say I don’t think we would have done it without you. It was the best day ever. Thank you x Brides Mum

Aime and Toms wedding featured on Rock My Wedding in December 2017

April 2017, Lucy & Rich, Sopley Mill, Christchurch

A second visit to this stunning venue for us and it was an amazing day. Lucy had taken on all the planning for the day and booked us so she could hand all the worry over to us to manage. Lots of flowers were the focus with a soft colour scheme and metallic touches. Guests enjoyed a three course meal and were treated to a huge sweet station then danced the night away!

The couple gave us a bottle of gin to say thank you.
Nicola I literally can't thank you enough for all your hard work the other day. Thank you thank you. Thank you for looking so calm through out. Thanks for boxing it all up so well. Catch up soon. Thanks again and again and again and to your lovely helper too xxx

April 2017, Katherine & Gareth, New Place Hotel

We initially spoke to Katherine as she wanted creative and supplier advice. On recommendation she then booked us for the set up and break down of their hotel wedding. Katherine chose a classic colour scheme of purples and ivories and allowed the feature flowers ad elegant stationery to make a statement. 

As a thank you we received a Next voucher and a huge box of chocolates!

Hi Nicola, just wanted to say a huge thank you for everything you had done on both the lead up to the big day and also the setting up/ taking down on the wedding day. Your were such a great help through the whole process and we have been singing your praises. Thanks again Katherine x

April 2017, Kayleigh & Jack, Stockbridge Farm Barn

When we found out that this gorgeous couple had been recommended by two of our previous clients we were delighted and to add to this we found out on the day that Brothers of two further Brides were in attendance it made it even more special! A new venue for us and one of our furthest weddings but amazing to be part of. The lemon, blue, metallics and rustic theme was totally chic and worked so well in the setting. We loved the outdoor ceremony which made the day!

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! You made our day truly magical. I wanted to drop you a line to let you know how grateful Jack and I are for everything you did at the wedding. Things went so smoothly and we had the most incredible day. All thanks to you (and your lovely mum). There is no way we'd have been able to do it by ourselves. Everybody commented on how lovely the day was and what a fantastic job you both did. We really are so grateful. Love Mr and Mrs L x

March 2017, Katie & Tom, Jermyns House, Romsey

When we found out this wedding was for a local beauty business owner and her partner, one of the worlds strongest men we knew it would be interesting! Katie and Tom, along with their families, consulted with us at the early stages to gain logistical, creative and supplier advice. On the day we set up and managed the reception. We loved the classic colour palette along with the personal touches. We didn't stop laughing all day and it was such a pleasure to be part of!

As a thank you we received a Jo Malone set and a Goodwood Afternoon Tea Voucher!

Thank you SO much Nicola and Sandra for all your hard work and attention to detail at Katie and Tom wedding yesterday! The day would not have gone so smoothly without your involvement and the venue looked stunning after you had given it the BTSE treatment! Thank you once again from a very proud and happy Mother and Father of the Bride FOB

Nicki, Tom and I cant thank you enough for all of your hard work, dedication and effort you put into our wedding to make it the perfect day! You absolutely nailed it, you had some of the strongest men in the country wrapped around your little finger, and my goodness that takes some doing! We loved having you there. Thank you again and sending all our love, The Hibberts xxx

Dec 2016, Holly and Richard, Tithe Barn

Holly booked us around 9 months before her wedding after a recommendation from one of our other Brides. A last minute venue change meant a few worries for this couple but it all worked out beautifully in the end. And what a stunner it was. A hint of vintage Christmas combined with metallic luxe lead to an amazing look. We set up, managed and broke down the day which was an absolute pleasure.

Thank you so much. I keep welling up, it was my dream wedding. Thank you for everything. You are just a diamond. Don't know what I would have done without you!

Holly and Rich's big day featured in the January 2018 edition of Wedding Ideas Magazine.

More previous weddings coming soon!

"I cannot put into words how amazing the Behind The Scenes team are. They are true wedding heros!"